ladies precious edelweiss bangle

ladies precious edelweiss bangle

SKU: l.b.prcs.edelweiss


7,5" / 19 cm l size
1,16" to 2,4" / 3 - 6 cm
Sterling silver, ruthenium, enamel, gem stones
delivery time
3 days *

Delivery Time: 3 days *

€ 1,485.00
Incl. 19% Tax


This eye-catching and special piece of jewelry is a single piece in medium size.

The luxurious bangle is one of a strictly limited edition made for our 10th anniversary. Every blossom, every leaf and every bee was individually made of Sterling silver in elaborate handwork and lovingly assembled. The palladium/ruthenium covered, blackened silver creates dark contours and a good contrast to the rimmed gemstones, synthetic gemstones and enameled colored areas.

** apply to deliveries within germany. Please see the shipping information for the delivery times to other countries. Please note, that you have to add to the mentioned times above up to 4 days for deliveries into eastern europe and up to 10 days into the rest of the world. Please find more information on our page Payment and Shipping.

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