name bracelet signature bold sterling silver

personalized unisex bracelet with large 8 mm beads

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Sterling silver
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4 weeks ** iThe stated delivery time may vary. These are unique pieces made by hand. Please refrain from repeated inquiries about the processing status. Only in this way can we fully concentrate on the manufacture of your jewelry.

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Personalize your own! The popular name bracelet with Signature letter beads with the large 8 mm balls is ideal for jewelry lovers of eye-catching jewelry. The largest of our beads are also perfect for men's bracelets. This bracelet is also great to pair with your name bracelets with 4 and 6 mm beads. Silver Signature Letters in modern serif font are available with the letters of the alphabet A-Z, umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü, Ë, É, È Ï, digits 0-9, as well as the characters and symbols &, heart ♥︎, star ★, hyphen - for double names, dog paw and Infinity ∞. The bracelet is made of 925 silver and is elastic strung. It is simply slipped over the wrist. And this is how you order:

The appropriate length is the measured wrist circumference (just behind the small wrist knuckle plus 1.5 cm allowance for bracelets with large 8 mm balls). Example: measured 16 cm corresponds to the selection of 17.5 cm length for the bracelet. If the size required differs from the sizes indicated in the pre-selection, information can be noted to the studio either in the personalization field or in the message field at the end of the check out process. Example: selection 17 cm, measured 16.0 cm, note in the remark field: measured 16 cm, please make with 17.5 cm. For example, if you measure 16.5 cm, you choose 18 cm and do not need to note anything else.

The total number of letters, symbols or numbers are to be selected in the 'Number of characters' field. Example: ∞A&B♥︎ are 5 characters.

In the text field 'Personalization' initials, names, dates, symbols are entered. If it is not possible to enter the symbol as a character, heart symbol or star symbol for example can also be written as a word.

This bracelet is made with 8 mm silver beads and the large size of this letter bead. The silver letters have a diameter of 8 mm and are about 4 mm high. There are other models with 4 and 6 mm silver beads.

Your chunky sterling silver name bracelet BOLD will be handmade for you to measure in our studio in Munich. You can personalize it with names, initials, symbols, dates, anniversaries, places and also choose a pendant. It is unique, very special and personal piece of jewelry with memory value. It is a perfect gift for birth, baptism, (round) birthday, wedding, graduation, as a lucky charm for a trip, university graduation, Mother's Day, Christmas for best friends, for maids of honor, flower children, lovers, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers. This name bracelet with the big balls is best for men, brothers, fathers, sons and best friends.

For more inspiration, check out our Instagram account @strawberryandcreamofficial.

We also make this piece of jewelry in 18 karat white gold.

** apply to deliveries within germany. Please see the shipping information for the delivery times to other countries. Please note, that you have to add to the mentioned times above up to 4 days for deliveries into eastern europe and up to 10 days into the rest of the world. Please find more information on our page Payment and Shipping.

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