name bracelet classic sterling silver black

personalized bracelet with silver letter, number and symbol beads

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0,23" / 6 mm
Sterling silver, onyx
delivery time
4 weeks ** iThe stated delivery time may vary. These are unique pieces made by hand. Please refrain from repeated inquiries about the processing status. Only in this way can we fully concentrate on the manufacture of your jewelry.

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ID bracelets used in maternity clinics inspired us to make the strawberry & cream ID bracelets that have meanwhile been known for over a decade. Most of our customers wear theirs every day. Therefore we re-interpreted it again: of high quality, durable and exclusive. The letter beads of this bracelet are handmade of massive Sterling silver – in the same size and shape as the traditional letter beads made of glass.

Personalize with love! The letter beads are available in all characters of the alphabet A-Z, umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü, Ë, É, Ï , numbers 0 - 9, as well as with symbols &, heart ♥︎, cross ………††✝︎ , asterisk ✻ (small star as a symbol for birth), exclamation mark !, apostrophe ', hyphen -, peace ☮︎, om ॐ, infinity ∞, dog paw, hamsa (hand of fatima) and the zodiac signs ♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎ .

Please choose the overall number of letters in field “number of letters” and enter the desired letters, name, text, dates, symbols in field “personalisation”. The bracelet is made of 925 silver and onyx gem stone. One or two names with a maximum of 6 to 8 letters respectively may be inserted here (rather less in case of small circumferences) in order to maintain the bracelet’s character. Three names can only be inserted if they have a maximum of 5 to 6 letters each. As an option, e.g. only initials may be chosen as engravings.

The bracelet is flexible and is simply slipped over the wrist. Standard is a length of 18 cm. If it is needed longer or shorter, we are happy to make it to measure. In order to determine the right size, please measure your wrist and add 1 cm. If it is needed longer or shorter than available sizes, we are happy to make it to measure. In this case please leave a message in the message field when ordering. Additional pendants can be chosen separately.

The bracelet can be equipped with name, initials, messages, wishes, dates, locations and this way becomes a unique and very special personal jewelry with sentimental value. It is the perfect gift for births, baptisms, (decadal) birthdays, weddings, passed examinations, university degree, mothers day, Christmas for best friends, maids of honor, flower children, lovers, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and by the way also for men, brothers, fathers, sons and best mates.

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Note: Individual components and beads, especially mother-of-pearl from mollusk shells and gemstones may differ from the picture in color, shape/faceting or size as they are natural materials that usually are produced as limited editions and are subject to varying offers of suppliers.

** apply to deliveries within germany. Please see the shipping information for the delivery times to other countries. Please note, that you have to add to the mentioned times above up to 4 days for deliveries into eastern europe and up to 10 days into the rest of the world. Please find more information on our page Payment and Shipping.

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