FAQ, Service & Care

How do I measure the correct circumference for an elastic wristband/ID bracelet?

If you are not sure which size to order, please measure your wrist using a tape measure. Please measure with the tape normally put around your wrist and add 1 cm to the circumference. This is the size to order. Example: Your wrist has a circumference of 17 cm, you order 18 cm.

You can also use our size guide to determine your correct size. Find it here.

Can I order jewelry for babies, e.g. for birth or baptism, in very small sizes?

In accordance with German legislation customers have to be warned that jewelry is not suitable for children under three years of age due to small parts which may pose a chocking hazard. Time and again we make baptism jewelry in very small sizes that the toddler should only wear under supervision. In most cases the jewelry souvenir is worn regularly as of kindergarten age only. In case of bracelets we will be happy to adapt it to the child’s growth as part of our free customer service in due course.
Please do not give your own bracelets to toddlers to play. They tend to chew on them. By doing so smallest parts could chip off and be swallowed.

If a wristband has become too small – can I have it adjusted? 

YES! Again and again our customers are surprised by our customer service! You are welcome to send us e.g. wristbands of our youngest fans when they have become too small. We will adjust the bracelet by adding some beads to make their favorite piece fit again and can be worn further on. You only pay a postage which is corresponding to the shipping prices for insured return shipment. In case the price of the article in sizes L and XL is higher, we will charge you the price difference between children’s and women’s item when going from size S/M (14 cm) to L/XL (16/18 cm), e.g. 10 Euros for silver bracelets.

Can I return or exchange strawberry & cream jewelry?

Engraved and customized jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged. As we want you to love the jewelry you are wearing we offer, however, to e.g. adjust wrongly chosen colors or stones. A prerequisite to do so is that the jewelry is unworn.
ID bracelets will of course be lengthened or shortened any time at a later date. It is also possible to e.g. adjust the length of a necklace. If you chose wrongly or the chosen jewelry does not look as expected, please do not wear it – not even shortly. We invariably can only take back completely unworn jewelry that is not customized!

My elastic wristband is torn – can it be repaired?

We use high-quality material for our jewelry.
Elastic wristbands may, however, be subject to heavy wear and are therefore not indefinitely tear-resistant. If your wristband tears at one point, we are happy to repair it for you. We charge a flat rate of 15 Euros for doing so. Individual parts that were lost and need to be replaced will be charged at unit price. We are happy to inform you about prices for adjustment/repair work on demand. Please try to collect all individual parts. Insured return shipment price corresponds to the shipping prices. Please contact us before sending in jewelry.

What if the jewelry delivered does not fit?

Of course we make our bracelets larger or smaller afterwards as well. We charge a flat rate of 28 Euros for doing so. You will have to pay 7 Euro postage (15 Euros to the EU and 30 Euros to the World) for insured return shipment only. If a necklace is too long or too short, it can be exchanged against another length if available or you can have the necklace professionally adjusted by our goldsmith. Please note: In order to be returned jewelry has to be unworn. If you would like to order a length that is not available as standard, we will be happy to make it to specification. Please contact us via mail@strawberryandcream.de

What is the best way to ship my jewelry for adjustments or repairs?

Please wrap your jewelry safely by either putting them in an air cushion envelope or a small cardboard box. Regular envelopes containing beads or jewelry will become entangled with the post office’s sorting machines. The envelope will tear and the jewelry will get lost. We recommend shipment as certified mail in order to get a receipt and to make sure the shipment is insured.
Regular postal shipping at your own risk. Shipments made by us are always insured. Please send jewelry to be repaired or adjusted to our workshop: strawberry & cream, Agricolastraße 67a, 80686 Munich. Please enclose an accompanying letter stating details of the repair work to be done/adjustment to be made. At best use our pre-printed form: download PDF form for repairs and adjustments

My necklace or bracelet is torn, where can I have it repaired?

If a necklace or bracelet (inelastic with lock) is torn, you can have it repaired by the goldsmith of your faith and trust or return it to us. Our goldsmith does all repair work at high-quality level. We will charge our customers the goldsmith’s expenses only. Please note: Gold plated jewelry has to be re-plated after repair work, as precious metals will melt at the joint, the silver will surface and make this area shine silvery. Therefore repairing a gold plated piece of jewelry is more time consuming and costly. We are happy to inform you about the estimated cost on demand.

My jewelry has turned dark – what happened? How do I maintain my jewelry? How do I best keep it?

strawberry & cream exclusively processes Sterling silver that naturally fogs over (oxidizes), especially when exposed to light and humid, salty air as well as to sulfurous products (paper and synthetic packaging). Silver that is worn regularly requires less maintenance. Therefore we recommend you to wear silver daily. This way it will look best. Please note: Also gold can fog over!
Dust and dirt may cause silver and gold jewelry to lose their shiny surface. Often it already suffices to polish the jewelry with a microfiber cloth. We advise against immersion baths, as they may contain aggressive chemicals. Be careful when using ultra sonic jewelry cleaners, as they may not only remove the fogged over areas, but also the deliberately oxidized, blackened elements (structures or e.g. our logo lettering).
Jewelry is best kept in dry and dark places. To a certain degree keeping it in a jewel case or drawer protects the pieces from fogging over. Please avoid contact of your jewelry with cleaning and bleaching agents, as this will result in color changes and may even cause precious metals to disintegrate.
We basically recommend keeping bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants away from perfume, lotions or sun protection.
For heavily worn or fogged over jewelry we offer our customers a professional cleaning and reconditioning service. Cost will be calculated on the basis of time and expense.

What does “gold plated” or “rose gold plated” mean?

strawberry & cream plates all jewelry as regular gilding would be too thin for daily wear and rub off far too quickly. Plating is significantly more durable than gilding. Nevertheless also plated jewelry must be re-plated from time to time depending on frequency of wear. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this matter. We attach great importance to good quality when it comes to manufacturing and processing.

Is my favorite piece of jewelry also available in gold if I do not want gold plated Sterling silver?

We can make almost any piece of jewelry in 750 Gold on demand, too. Please contact us for an estimate.

Why can’t I order on account?

Almost every piece of jewelry is made to order in our workshop in Munich. Especially customized wristbands and necklaces with personalized engravings of personal data can only be commissioned (to our engraver or gold smith) upon reception of payment.


Can I have a gold plated pendant engraved at a later point in time?

Yes, this is possible. As the upper layer, i.e. also the gold plating, will be removed when engraving, the engraved area will be silvery again. The pendant therefore has to be re-plated after engraving.

What if I have questions concerning my order that are neither answered in the description of the respective article nor in the FAQ section?

In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, by phone or personally by visiting our Munich boutique. Please send a short email with your contact data and your question to mail@strawberryandcream.de or call our workshop at +49 (0)89-56827710. In case you don’t reach us by phone, we will call you back.